tainted lady brocante

Romantic French Brocante, Bohemian

one of a kind items.

Fabric Covered boxes,

Shelves, Crowns, Lighting,

Architectural Salvage, Wall Decor.

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Fabulous Finds "The Collections"

French Fabric Covered Boudoir Box

 "Boudoir  Box" Collection

Each Heirloom pieces created, signed and numbered. Varied shapes and sizes. Small 9.5" to large 24" inches.

French Fabric Covered Boudoir Box Collection

Recover, Revive & Relive Home Decor & more...

Brocante Collection of Collectible Vintage & Antique items for every day living. Varied & versatile. We encourage the use of your Collections throughout your living spaces.

Recover, Revive & Relive Home Decor Collection

"Let there be light" Lamps, Chandeliers, Sconces

Collective types and periods of lighting fixtures. Range of styles from small to large - decadent to deliberate lamps, sconces, candelabras and chandeliers & more. 

"Let there be Light" Lighting Collection

Crown Treasures & Accessories fit for a "Queen"

Elegant & shabby, handmade jeweled crowns, jewelry, Perfume Bottles, Ewers, Textiles, clothing Apothecary items etc. from all over the world that every woman loves. 

Crown Treasures & Accessories fit for a "Queen"

Wall Decor, Mirrors, Frames, Pictures, Shelves & more

Romantic Wall decor needs. From shelves, frames, hanging cabinets, mirrors, vignettes, old photos, clocks, pictures, paintings. If you can imagine it - it can happen. 

Wall Decor, Mirrors, Frames,Pictures, Shelves & more

Architectural Salvage, Fragments, Pieces

A variety of decorative Architectural elements. Small to large. Always useful. Bringing the inside out & the outside in.  Be inspired! Purposely combine  the past with the must have items of the future. 



I love to store my boxes en mass for show. These quality boxes are all exquisite. If you have open closets or shelving, PERFECT or a place for the remote, or a place to display pretty things, you can leave them open. I am a return shopper-I'm addicted! Fantastic service...

Shar Garten

 I literally love all of my purchases. I have many items from Tainted Lady Brocante. A true lover of the Boho style of decor. It is amazing how all of the items I have purchased from these gifted ladies compliment my decor of my 1940's cottage. Fast shipping too.

Cara Cooper

The Romantic period is where I belong. I have purchased 3 crowns and 2 boxes from Tainted Lady Brocante. The artistry in the detail is so impressive. I am so thrilled to see them about my home. Crowns on my large candlesticks & my boxes on display...beautiful! Thank you

Valarie Green